American singer-songwriter, Lydia Briggs shares latest single "White Angel Wings"

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Lydia Briggs Builds “Down” Up with Bluesy Harmony

Fluid blues anchored in artistic angst… Lydia Briggs’s “Down” is a loyal take on a classic sound.

Lydia sings circles around punchy piano notes, juxtaposing this track’s mood and meaning with applaudable prowess.

Opening to oscillating piano, “Down” opens up at the pace of a passionate outpouring, picking up clear through to the end.

“Down” is blues a-boil; a microcosm of the genre shipped in a single song. From simplistic chord progression to insistent lyrics, this tune traverses the genre’s groundwork with little deviation, keeping true and in step with its style. Read the entire review by ODD NUGGET.



Born and raised a mile from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Lydia Briggs has been playing piano non-stop since the age of 5. Clearly on a mission from the start, she created her peace/love/victory logo at the age of 3 and held performances for schoolyard friends. The price of admission – a dandelion. (Note: prices have increased slightly.) At 13, she began writing songs, filed for her first business (Gin House Records) at 14, and copyrighted all her material.

This 16-year old musician is blessed with a pure voice; blues-influenced piano; and a bohemian sensibility. Reflecting her idol, Regina Spektor, Briggs’ brain-voice connection runs from her fingers to her heart - singing and playing the piano as one.

She is honored to have worked with the legendary, multi-platinum producer Jim Wirt (Fiona Apple, Incubus, No Doubt, Hoobastank, LIVE, Hidden In Plain View) for the recording of her first EP. And, getting to play on the grand piano that Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin) left at the studio for following musicians to track with was an added blessing. Look for her EP to be released soon.

“Lydia is a great songstress whose unique voice perfectly complements its pop-sense. At just 15 years old, she has a long career ahead of her.”

- Jim Wirt, legendary, multi-platinum producer



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